Enhancing Service-Learning Program Sessions with Slidone!

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Christopher, Executive Director and CEO, and Tentansia, Program Lead at Groundwork Bridgeport, have been exploring innovative ways to enhance participation and engagement during their service-learning program sessions. Groundwork Bridgeport is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering students through hands-on learning experiences and community involvement.

Problem Statement

The challenge faced by Christopher and Tentansia was to cultivate a more inclusive and participatory environment in their service-learning program sessions. They aimed to overcome the barriers that often hindered students from actively engaging in discussions and activities.


The main objectives of the initiative were to:

  • Increase student participation and engagement during service-learning program sessions.
  • Create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that encourages open conversations.
  • Utilize technology to enhance the learning experience and promote interaction.


To address the problem, Christopher and Tentansia introduced the use of Slidone, a digital platform known for its word cloud and open-ended activity features. These features aimed to stimulate discussions and enable visual representation of participants’ thoughts.


By incorporating Slidone, the Groundwork Bridgeport team observed the following key benefits:

  • Increased Participation: The use of word clouds and open-ended activities triggered greater involvement from students. Visualizing their responses on a screen made them feel valued and more willing to share their thoughts.
  • Inclusivity: Students perceived the activities as inclusive, allowing them to see their peers’ perspectives and experiences. This fostered a sense of belonging and encouraged broader participation.
  • Technology Integration: Introducing Slidone showcased the organization’s commitment to staying updated with educational technology trends. This modern approach resonated positively with the students, enhancing their perception of the program.
  • Solutions: Christopher and Tentansia’s innovative use of Slidone’s features provided an effective solution to the participation challenge. By incorporating interactive tools, they were able to overcome the hurdles of limited engagement and create a more vibrant and dynamic learning environment.
  • Implementation: The implementation of Slidone was straightforward. During program sessions, students were prompted with open-ended questions related to the session’s topic. Their responses were displayed in real-time as a word cloud, visually representing the most common words used. This visual representation encouraged further discussion and interaction.


The use of Slidone yielded positive outcomes:

  • Increased Engagement: Participation rates noticeably increased, with more students actively contributing to discussions and activities.
  • Enhanced Interaction: The word clouds and open-ended activities served as conversation starters, promoting deeper interactions among students.
  • Improved Atmosphere: The technology-driven approach created an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, fostering a sense of community among participants.
  • Lessons Learned: This case study highlights the significance of embracing modern technology to overcome engagement challenges. Interactive platforms like Slidone can transform traditional learning settings into dynamic and inclusive spaces, enhancing both participation and learning outcomes.


Christopher and Tentansia’s strategic implementation of Slidone’s word cloud and open-ended activity features demonstrated how technology can be harnessed to drive engagement and inclusivity in educational settings.

By leveraging innovative tools, Groundwork Bridgeport successfully encouraged participation and created a more dynamic and collaborative service-learning environment.