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With online surveys, you can gather potential responses from any part of the globe. It helps you to come to a proper conclusion with the right decision.

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You can easily categorize the data from the received votes to support your business. Now, grab a template and start creating your survey template.

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With the survey templates we offer, you can create your survey templates in no time. Be super fast with Slidone and gather data in breeze.

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Learn how you can create a great survey with a variety of slide types that lets your audience input their answers with their smartphones or other internet devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a survey using Slidone?

To create a survey on Slidone, sign into your account, select "Create," choose "Survey," and then add your questions and answer options. Customize the survey design to match your branding, and you're ready to present!

What types of questions can I include in a Slidone survey?

Slidone offers various question types, including multiple-choice, open-ended, word cloud, scales, ranking, and more, providing flexibility to gather different types of feedback.

Can I collect responses in real-time during a presentation?

Yes, Slidone allows you to collect responses in real-time while presenting. Your audience can participate using their smartphones or other devices, making the survey interactive and engaging.

Is data collected through Slidone surveys secure?

Yes, Slidone takes data security seriously. The platform complies with GDPR regulations and uses encryption to protect survey data and responses.

Can I download survey results from Slidone?

Yes, as a Slidone user, you can download survey results in various formats (e.g., Excel, PDF) to further analyze and share the data.

Can I customize the look of my survey on Slidone?

Absolutely! Slidone offers customization options for fonts, colors, and background images, allowing you to create visually appealing surveys that align with your brand.

Can I track individual responses in Slidone surveys?

While Slidone emphasizes anonymous responses for most survey types, you can use specific features to track individual responses if required.

Does Slidone provide support for creating and conducting surveys?

Yes, Slidone offers customer support to assist you with any questions or technical issues you may encounter while creating and conducting surveys.

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