Webinar Mode

Lively Sessions and Conversations with Slidone's Interactive Webinars.


Engaging over 25,000 businesses globally

Start with proactive Q&A session

Collect and prioritize questions in advance, ensuring a focused Q&A session that addresses the most pertinent queries in your webinars with our webinar engagement tools.


Let everyone make some noise

Transform passive listeners into active contributors. Utilize live polls to spark real-time conversations, encouraging audience engagement and interaction.

Join easily and make meaningful discussions

Simplify participation with easy joining via QR codes or links. Display top questions on the presenter’s screen for clarity, making it effortless for participants to follow and engage.


Slidone: Unified viewing and interaction hub

Seamless live video integration allows viewers to watch and interact without navigating away, fostering a distraction-free environment for meaningful engagement.

How can webinars increase engagement?

Elevate webinar engagement by fostering interaction via live polls, Q&A, etc., transforming passive attendees into active contributors.


of participants voted for the questions asked in their regular meetings


of faculty found their students' score improved after this method of teaching


of audience gave 5 star-rating for this kind of presentation & loved to have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prioritize questions in advance for my webinar?

Slidone allows you to pre-collect and prioritize questions based on popularity.

What tools can turn my audience into active participants during a webinar?

Use live polls to prompt real-time engagement and transform silent listeners into active contributors.

Is it easy for participants to join and follow discussions on Slidone?

Absolutely, participants can easily join via QR codes or links and follow discussions with displayed top questions.

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