How Black Label Providers Mastered Investor Communication with Slidone?

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Company Background

Black Label Providers, a prominent company in Germany’s real estate sector, operates through a portfolio of brands accessible on mobile and the web. As a publicly traded company, it adheres to Regulation Fair Disclosure (Reg FD), which mandates the equal sharing of crucial information with everyone simultaneously through approved public channels.


Challenges Faced

Black Label Providers used to hold quarterly earnings calls during which management presented updates on company performance and addressed investor queries. However, they encountered several hurdles during their corporate town halls, like:


  1. Low Engagement: Investors often remained disengaged, passively listening or muting the call.
  2. Lack of Transparency: Investors sometimes struggled to formulate relevant questions, occasionally asking what had already been answered.
  3. Lack of Participation: A small percentage of investors actively took part, making it challenging for management to gauge investor sentiment.

How Slidone Came to the Rescue?

Black Label Providers turned to Slidone to revolutionize their corporate town halls. Slidone is a platform enabling companies to create interactive presentations to engage with audiences.


Slidone boasts features like polls and Q&A forums:


  1. Polls: Slidone offers poll creation, helping gauge audience engagement and collect feedback.
  2. Q&A: Slidone facilitates a Q&A space for investors to pose queries and receive responses from management.

Black Label Providers employed Slidone to craft interactive presentations for their quarterly earnings calls, embedding polls, Q&A sections, and more. This initiative aimed to enhance investor engagement and gain insights into their thoughts.


The Transformative Impact of Slidone

Black Label Providers reaped numerous benefits by incorporating Slidone:


  1. Increased Engagement: Investors actively participated in polls, Q&A sessions, and chat features, fostering a higher level of engagement during town halls.
  2. Enhanced Transparency: Investors were better informed about company performance, engaging directly with management for clear answers.
  3. Boosted Participation: A larger portion of investors engaged in town halls, enabling Black Label Providers to gain a better understanding of investor perspectives.

In Conclusion

Slidone emerged as a game-changer for Black Label Providers’ corporate town halls. The company achieved more effective investor engagement, heightened transparency, and increased participation.

By effectively utilizing Slidone, Black Label Providers not only improved its communication with investors but also fostered trust and credibility within its investor community.