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How many participants can actively ask questions or vote in polls on Slidone?

Whether you’re conducting a dynamic Q&A session, hosting a knowledge-testing quiz, or gathering valuable feedback through surveys, Slidone ensures an engaging experience for all participants.

All features of Slidone are encompassed within the event, providing a comprehensive experience for both organizers and participants.

To explore the full spectrum of plans and features, please visit our pricing page.

Note: The participant limit applies to the overall number of joined participants per event. Detailed statistics are conveniently available in the Analytics tab within your Admin dashboard.

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Inviting Participants:
To join the excitement of your Slidone event, participants only need a computer or mobile device and an internet connection. No downloads are necessary. Share the event through an event code, event link, or a QR code. Participants can easily join, view questions, and observe poll results in real-time. Joining instructions are conveniently available in Present mode.

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Empower your audience to engage effortlessly with Slidone, making every event a dynamic and interactive experience!

Do you want to try Slidone for your business discussions, student interactions and more? Sign up for free and explore all the features to grow more engagement.

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Updated on November 22, 2023