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How does Slidone ensure accessibility for users with specific needs or requirements?

At Slidone, we strive to make our platform accessible to users with various needs and requirements. Our commitment to inclusivity is reflected in the implementation of several accessibility features, ensuring a seamless experience for individuals with disabilities. Here’s how Slidone addresses accessibility:

1. Using Slidone with Assistive Technologies:

Slidone is designed to be compatible with assistive technologies, making it accessible to users with different needs. Specifically:

  • VoiceOver in Apple Products: Users can leverage the built-in screen reader on Apple devices, including MacBook, iPhone, and iPad.

  • Screen Reader for Google Chrome: Utilize the ChromeVox extension for a screen reader when using Slidone in Google Chrome.

2. Using Slidone with a Keyboard:

Navigating Slidone is made convenient for users with specific needs who rely on keyboards for interaction. The primary functionalities, such as entering events, asking questions, or voting in polls, are accessible on desktops or laptops. Users can navigate using keyboard shortcuts, including:

  • Tab: Move to the next interactive element.
  • Shift+Tab: Move to the previous interactive element.
  • Space or Enter: Activate the currently selected interactive element.
  • Arrow keys or numbers: Navigate within specific elements, such as polls.

By incorporating these features and regularly assessing our accessibility standards, Slidone aims to create an inclusive environment where everyone can actively participate in conversations and events.

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Updated on November 22, 2023