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What is Slidone?

Slidone is a user-friendly platform designed for interactive Q&A sessions and live polling during various gatherings, including live, remote, or hybrid meetings, events, classes, and webinars. Setting up a Slidone event is a breeze for event planners, taking less than a minute. Participants can effortlessly join the conversation using a simple event code or link, eliminating the need for downloads or registrations.

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A) Key Features:

·         Instant participation:
Participants use their smartphones, tablets, or laptops connected to the internet to engage without any downloads or registrations.

·         Engaging Q&A sessions:
Slidone enables event organizers to crowdsource top audience questions, allowing participants to upvote their favorites for live answering. This maximizes the efficiency of Q&A time.

·         Interactive live polls:
Engage your audience with live polls that provide insights into participant sentiments, test knowledge, or gather votes on various topics.

·         Instant feedback surveys:
Collect instant feedback from participants through surveys to understand their thoughts and opinions.

B) Versatility across Settings:

Whether participants are physically present or joining remotely through video conferencing tools or live streams, Slidone facilitates instant participation in Q&A sessions and polls. Presenters and collaborators have full control, moderating incoming questions and activating polls to enhance the overall engagement.

It’s ideal for:

·         Company Meetings:
Town halls, All-hands, stakeholder events.

·         Team Collaboration:
Team meetings and brainstorming sessions.

·         Business Events:
Conferences and other corporate gatherings.

·         Educational Settings:
Classes and training sessions.

In essence, Slidone simplifies audience engagement, making it a valuable tool for various settings, from corporate meetings to educational environments.

Experience the ease of interaction without the hassle of complex setups, making every event more dynamic and participatory.

Do you want to try Slidone for your business discussions, student interactions and more? Sign up for free and explore all the features to grow more engagement.

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Updated on November 22, 2023