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What are the internet connection requirements for using Slidone effectively?

 As we navigate the evolving landscape of hybrid work environments, connectivity becomes a critical aspect of successful events, whether they’re virtual or in-person. To make the most of your Slidone experience, consider the following internet connection requirements:

1. Internet Speeds and Bandwidth:
To utilize Slidone effectively, a stable internet connection is essential. Here’s a breakdown of the recommended speeds and bandwidth:

·         A Slidone participant typically requires 5 MB of data per day.

·         Administrators overseeing the event should anticipate using around 15 MB of data per day.

2. Recommendations for In-person Events:
For in-person events, a speed of 5 to 10 megabits per second (mbits/s) is advisable for every 100 participants.

In large venues, consider setting up multiple access points to ensure continuous connectivity.

Note: Data consumption may vary based on the volume of questions, polls, and overall Slidone service usage during the event.

3. Connecting Up Slidone Devices & Backups:
Always be prepared with a contingency plan to stay connected even in case of Wi-Fi disruptions. Consider the following:

·         Utilize a LAN cable connected to the presenter’s laptop for a stable and uninterrupted connection.

·         Ensure stable connections for devices used to administer Slidone on the day.

·         Carry a smartphone with an active 3G or LTE data plan as a backup Wi-Fi hotspot.

4. Testing Before Showtime:
Prioritize a test run to identify and address any potential issues before your event begins. Perform the following simple checks:

·         Send a few testing questions and votes through Slidone to ensure a fast and smooth user experience.

·         Continuously verify that all Slidone devices are connected to the network.

By adhering to these internet connection recommendations, you can optimize the functionality of Slidone, creating a seamless and engaging experience for both presenters and participants.

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Updated on November 22, 2023