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What are the pricing plans, and what payment options are available for Slidone plans?

With our Slidone paid plans, users can enjoy a range of advanced features, including unlimited polls and quizzes, along with the ability to engage with a larger audience during their events. To get an overview of all our offerings, including both one-time plans and annual licenses, we recommend checking out our pricing page.

Even if your event is just a few days or weeks away, you can upgrade online today. By doing so, you’ll gain immediate access to the paid features, allowing you to test and set up everything well in advance of your actual event. Upon upgrading, we’ll promptly send you the invoice via email, and you can also find it conveniently in your account.

It’s important to note that Slidone does not store your credit card information for added security, and our invoices also serve as receipts for your records.

Do you want to try Slidone for your business discussions, student interactions and more? Sign up for free and explore all the features to grow more engagement.

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Updated on November 24, 2023